The Allied States of Arxus Eron
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Motto Unitum in Aeternum
Population 15,478,201
Density -
Demonym Eronian
Language English, Eronian
Capital Erona
Area 72,525
Government Parliamentary Constitutional Republic
Leader Chancellor: Niccolò di Costanzo
Currency Franco
Religion Various

The Allied States of Arxus Eron, commonly called Arxus Eron or Eronia, is a Parliamentary Constitutional Republic in N/A. It is bordered on the north by N/A, on the south by the Esperanza Sea, by the east by N/A and on the west by Seliberari. Arxus Eron covers 72,525 square kilometers and has has an estimated population of 15.5 Million Eronians. Arxus Eron is comprised of 5 States Enna, Bologna, Cuneo, Pavia, and Udine.