Soviet Nihon is nation in the New Pacific Order.
The United Socialist States of Soviet Nihon
Motto "Land where the sun rises."
Population 50,000,000
Demonym Soviet Nihonese
Language Nihonese
Capital Okyo
Leader Emperor Sakurai Nagasaki
Currency Yen
Religion Shintoism

History Edit

Soviet Nihon was established when a socialist revolution started in the Nihonese Empire. Soon the government was taken over and the old emperor was executed.

The September Rebellion of 1916 Edit

The September Rebellion was a national revolt that started in Shima when a group of protesters were massacred by the Emperor's Guards. This is considered the start of Soviet era history.

Socialist Revolution of 1935 Edit

The Socialist Revolution of 1935 was mainly centered around a select few cities. The main rebel force was from Okyo, the present day capital city of Soviet Nihon, but others came from Goya, Yoto, Saki, and other smaller cities. The force from Yoto briefly maintained it's indepence for 2 years after the revolution, but eventually joined the United Socialist States of Soviet Nihon.

Government Edit

Soviet Nihon is a socialist union.

The Emperor Edit

Soviet Nihon is governed by an individual called the Emperor. Although it may seem he has absolute power over the people of Soviet Nihon, this is not the case. The Emperor is elected by the people, and can be kicked out of office if a majority of Soviet Nihonese citizens vote to due so. The Emperor otherwise serves for life, or until he resigns. The Emperor has the right to command the military, and pass laws.

The Kokkai Edit

The Kokkai is a congress of sorts, that helps in the law making process. The Kokkai is made up of state representatives, the amount depending on the population from each state in Soviet Nihon. For the emperor to pass a law, it must have the Kokkai vote in favor. The Kokkai can also propose laws, then vote in favor of them, and send them to the Emperor. The Emperor can then approve it, or deny it.

The Hōtei Edit

The Hōtei is the Soviet Nihonese Supreme Court. The Hōtei is the highest point in the court system, and can deny laws if they go against international laws, equality, and if they are seen as a threat towards the Nihonese people. The Hōtei can also remove the Emperor, or any other official if they are caught committing a crime.

Foreign Policy Edit

Pacific Alignment Edit

Soviet Nihon is one of the original members of the Pacific Alignment, along with Carida, Dr Winner, and Wesley Westlandia.

The PlayerEdit

The player who plays as the nation of Soviet Nihon goes by the username Sakurai. Sakurai joined the NationStates branch of the New Pacific Order on November 10, 2014. The first nation ever created by Sakurai was the Rising Sun Empire in the North Pacific.