The Benevolent Autocracy of Sonitusia, commonly called Sonitusia, is a northern nation located in The New Pacific Order. It is bordered with Schnailand from the south-west and has an estimated population of around 31 million.

Once a nation of settlers from warmer regions, Sonitusia grew into an advanced state of technological enlightenment, with excellent agricultural sectors despite the cold climate and an ever growing understanding of strengthened architectural ability to help its population withstand the frigid winter season. The population saw a booming rise following the findings of high mineral resources located within the nation, and openings for new career lines within Sonitusia began to open drastically, supporting a high income which in turn allowed excellent welfare programs from the vigilant government, ruled by men and women who were deemed the right choices during their generation.

The Benevolent Autocracy of Sonitusia
Tribus Officiis
Motto "The sounds of the past

build a brighter future."

Population 31,241,700
Density 261/km2
Demonym Sonitusian
Language Nouveau Discours
Capital Imago
Area 119,700 km²
Government Prime Minister Harriet Collins
Leader President Robert Hark
Currency Discus (Ɖ)
Religion Elementalism

History Edit

Sonitusia was established as a unity of many city states which would become what is now a nation on the 27th of June, 1789. It went through several changes in government throughout its life, starting as a federation before moving onto a monarchy. To this day, it stands as a benevolent autocracy.

The Soni-Ignusian Wars Edit

In the summer of 1831, the first conflict between Sonitusia and Ignus erupted during claims of mining sectors along the northern borders of each country. The war ended two years afterwards, but the Monarchist Revolution brought upon a second conflict. These wars would continue to be waged, and, despite multiple peace treaties signed, would not stop until the 1970's.

Flames of Revolution Edit

Following the first revolution in 1834 against a corrupt leadership of the federation, the people of Sonitusia called out for a single leader to unite the land and bring them under one banner. This form of leadership was found to be suitable until tyranny was established in 1960, and a second revolution was conducted by 1976, which successfully placed current president Robert Hark into office.

Government Edit

Sonitusia is a benevolent autocracy.

The President Edit

Sonitusia is currently ruled by Robert Hark, who holds the status as President, which succeeded the previous Imperial governmental leader. Holding onto the nation with dictatorial powers, the President is responsible for shepherding his people forwards to a new day. He has the right to veto any law that parliament tries to pass, and is the commander in chief of the Sonitusian Armed Forces. Despite this, certain rights in the Sonitusian constitution allow citizens to overthrow the government should the President prove to give a negative impact on the nation.

Foreign Policy Edit

The PlayerEdit

The player who plays as the nation of Sonitusia goes by the username bio3729. Sonitusia joined the Pacific on March the 12th, 2015.