\\Finally decided that I should start doing some writing for my nation, Frihenstein.\\

.\States, Territories, Cities, Towns, Hamlets, Roads, and other Places\.

New Antiedium (Capital)

Old Antiedium (Former Capital)

Sturmgren (District, County, Municipality)

Heerstag (City, Town) Pskyt (State) Nuregiem (Unincorporated Community) Huskenty (City, Town) Little Vichi (Unincorporated Community)

Velestig (State) Lindhelm (City, Town) Djerkow (City, Town) Diirlagne (District, County, Municipality)

Wyvernshore (District, County, Municipality) Deerton (District, County, Municipality) Rayburn Edgevick Barrowhaven Redkeep Wildeland Goldview Stonebush Lakeholt Southshore Westwald Dellwyn Lige Nedril Grynn Burder Dahilia Pine Corcrest Stonemount

\\Will be adding to list.\\