The Civil Code for Uniform Justice and Order in The Pacific

 is a list of offenses punishable by sanctions up to and including a permanent ban from the region, at the sole discretion of the presiding Justices, or in emergencies, the Emperor.

Section I - Civil Disobedience


101: Spreading falsehoods regarding The Pacific or any of her residents, via any communication medium.

102: Causing the destruction or limiting the functionality of any regions message boards, chat rooms, or other regional infrastructure inside or outside of the game.

103: Posting of an inappropriate subject on the Regional Message Board or official government forum.

104: Harassment of a Pacifican either in public, by telegram or by personal message.

105: Unauthorized use of another nation's flag or other details as your own.

106: Objectionable nation name, flag, motto, dispatch or factbook.

107: The posting of foreign recruitment ads on the regional message board.

Section II - Security Accountability Edit

201: Continued, flagrant refusal to become aligned with the Emperor via WA endorsement.

202: Providing classified information to unauthorized persons outside The Pacific.

203: Giving your endorsement to a nation with whom you are not familiar personally. (All nations in The Pacific are familiar with the nations that govern them, and may share endorsements in a very limited way with one another.)

Section III - Treason Edit

301: Seeking many endorsements without permission or breaking the endorsement cap.

302: Assisting those seeking many endorsements without permission.

303: Belonging to a subversive organization.

304: Engaging in counter-revolutionary activities and/or providing aid and comfort to the enemy.

Section IV - Crimes against the Public Justice


401: Perjury or breaking an oath.

402: Falsifying evidence or attempting to subvert the justice system.

403: Being the puppet of a banished nation.

404: File Not Found.

405: Claiming association, affiliation, or representation of the Pacific government in any act without authorization.

406: Use of obsessive profanity on the forums and Regional Message Board and/or bad grammar to the point of complaint.


The Civil Code of The Pacific is subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Senator of Justice, the Praetorian Guard, and the Emperor.

 Section III, Articles 301 and 303 in particular are subject to the rulings and enforcement of the Emperor nation. The endorsement maximum is subject to revision and adjustment without notice.