BlackAdder was a capable Senator appointed by Franco and invested by Unlimited. He managed to turn Nationstate's perception of the Pacific as a rogue State to a legitimate Government.

He participated in the creation of the Civil Code but in a limited capacity. Senator Sir Paul was the real architect of that document.

BlackAdder also established Embassies across NS legitimizing the NPO and the PRP as legitimate ruling Governments of the Pacific.

At the time Cybernations was discovered, BlackAdder became Pacifican Emperor. Much of the Pacific leadership including BlackAdder poured their efforts into that game. The logical consequence was dying interactions in NationStates. In an effort to kick start activity he dissolved the People's Republic of the Pacific and reformed the New Pacific Order. In doing so he betrayed his friend and former Emperor Mammothistan. An action he later regretted and haunted him on a personal level.

He passed on the title and duties of Emperor to Pierconium. In the end his was an unremarkable reign in a troubled period. The only real legacy he produced was making peace with the Pacific Army and gaining acceptance with the Meritocracy. It could be argued that was only achieved as a result of attempting to boost their own activity within the Meritocracy.